GlobalChange Cryptocurrency 

Store and transfer value. For good.

If implemented, GlobalChange (GC) cryptocurrency could change the world.
GC can let people give money to nonprofit charities without losing anything themselves
GC can turn nonprofits of the world into the "banks," with more money than they know what to do with
GC can serve as a universal currency to store and transfer value
And GC is fun! (In fact, the fun is essential)

Development would not be difficult or expensive, in the scheme of things
But, developers of GC do not get super-rich 
Do you want to help develop, or fund development, anyway? 

Each GC token has a face value - like cash currency - and is fungible, but also unique, and there are special collectable ones
Receive GC as a fixed fraction of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), a measure of what a fixed amount of stuff costs given inflation. $1GC = CPI/273 = 1 2021 USD = $1 in 2021.
So give $10USD to a nonprofit of your choice, in 2021, and get a $10GC token. Or maybe you get two fives. Or a five and five ones. Same difference. It's digital cash.
  • Each individual token permanently lists the particular charity it was "born to help."
  • Keep a digital wallet or print your tokens to use as paper money. Digital wallets collect and bundle your tokens for transactions.
  • Each denomination has personality! Instead of Lincoln, Washington, Hamilton, states, or Queen Elizabeth, you can get Pennzy, Billy, Centaur, and a whole family of characters.
  • Specific nonprofits may offer special-edition tokens​, still with the same character for each face value but created and signed by artists or celebrities and issued to any desired degree of scarcity.​ 
  • Tokens can "Blossom," randomly acquiring unique art donate by celebrities.
  • New tokens come with a redemption coupon. Get your money back after 72 months, if you want, or get your money back at the exchange rate at longer timeframes.
  • Or, burn your redemption coupon, convert a loan to a charity into a true gift, and your GC tokens will get a Blossom bump!
Ask a friend to pay you in GC.
If they don't already have any, they can make an instant donation to a charity and you receive GC tokens in that same amount.

What a great way to get paid.
Nonprofits can offer special-edition tokens​ with a unique artistic touch, or a celebrity signature or message. Still the same denominations, face values, and characters for each denomination, but now representing a particular nonprofit.
Spend it at face value, collect it, auction it off, whatever works for you. This is just like U.S. "National Parks" quarters and other special coins with a face value that people collect or auction for more than their face value.



What happens if
nonprofits receive
trillions of dollars
in gifts and zero-interest loans
from people adopting
the first true digital cash?


Where did GlobalChange come from?

My name is Marc. I'm an Ivy League Ph.D. psychologist. I say this because people give more credence to ideas or people linked to prestigious institutions. I've published papers on perceptual illusions I've discovered, brain-computer interfaces for communicating with people who are paralyzed, and optimizing hospital layouts. My day job is Managing Scientist at Exponent, a scientific and engineering consulting company. Prior to that, I was Senior Director at Core Human Factors, where I worked on medical device usability research, helping to make sure medical device user interfaces are safe for users. Again, I say these things because people pay more attention to ideas coming from people with a scientifically prestigious background. GlobalChange is (or is not) a good idea regardless of my background. But, my background might it at least a little more likely that a concept I would get behind is not totally off base, or at least potentially worth spending some of your time to bother evaluating. I came up with GlobalChange in the middle of the night (actually, over many nights with poor sleep), and I've developed the concept - the basic framework of which is described on this webpage - while paying various freelance consultants to evaluate and criticize the idea. GlobalChange is consistent with - and builds on - concepts I've worked on and learned about for years. "Honest" costs and signals from evolutional biology, endowment effects from psychology, coordination points ...  

GlobalChange is not an organization, I am not accepting "investments," and I am not selling anything. I am putting forward a concept that, if implemented, could help the world by providing a more universally appealing cryptocurrency that functions by people depositing their money at nonprofit charities. I'm here to help make GlobalChange into a real thing, but as an interest, or hobby, for me, though hobby is not quite the right word either. I have a day job. I am just a person; I am not a billionaire; I do not have funders or an organization behind me. But I have this concept, which I can describe - including more details than the website includes. I'd love to discuss with you any improvements, concerns, or efforts to push forward the concept or development!