GlobalChange Cryptocurrency

The first true digital cash:
"NFTs" with face values


Get GC by giving money to independent nonprofits
1GC face value costs current USD CPI/300, so about 1:1 in 2022

Self-mint coins reflecting how much you give to nonprofits.

Fully distributed - no central authority needed

Works on any blockchain

Transactions cost thousandths of a cent

Most are generic ...

... some are randomly assigned artist-donated art. It's like NFTs with face values, with a true cost (the cost of the gift to the nonprofits).

& artists get a % of resales

Art can include any thumbnail and NFT - image, audio, video, link, signature, message, prize ... anything an artist or donor wants to attached to a bill minted for a particular nonprofit



What happens if
we adopt
the first
true digital cash
by sending our fiat
to nonprofits?