GlobalChange Cryptocurrency 

Digital cash you can feel good about

Get face value tokens 1:1 with 2021 U.S. dollars
Supply is naturally limited by how much people can afford to give to charities
So give $10USD and get a $10GC token. Or maybe you get two fives. Or a five and five ones. Same difference. It's digital cash.
  • Each denomination has personality! Instead of Lincoln, Washington, Hamilton, states, or Queen Elizabeth, you can get Pennzy, Billy, Centaur, and a whole family of characters.
  • Each individual token permanently lists the particular charity it was "born to help." 
  • Keep a digital wallet or print your tokens to use as paper money. Digital wallets collect and bundle your tokens for transactions.
  • If you print a token, you can set its status to "locked" and "unlocked." Unlock printed tokens before you hand them to someone else, else the recipient only has a piece of paper, not crypto-ownership. Scan tokens you receive to confirm they are unlocked. You can sweep any unlocked tokens into your own account, locking them to yourself and letting them automatically show up in your digital wallet.
  • Specific nonprofits may offer special-edition tokens​, still with the same character for each face value but created and signed by artists or celebrities and issued to any desired degree of scarcity.​ 
  • Most major stores of value are not "redeemable" - USD, euros, gold bricks, Bitcoin. But if redeemability matters to you, then when you get new GC tokens, you can buy a "money-back guarantee" to return/redeem GC.
Ask a friend to pay you in GC.
If they don't already have any, they can make an instant donation to a charity and you receive GC tokens in that same amount.

What a great way to get paid.
Nonprofits can offer special-edition tokens​ with a unique artistic touch, or a celebrity signature or message. Still the same denominations, face values, and characters for each denomination, but now representing a particular nonprofit.
Spend it at face value, collect it, auction it off, whatever works for you. This is just like U.S. "National Parks" quarters and other special coins with a face value that people collect or auction for more than their face value.
Optional Cryptocurrency Crash Insurance

For a 5% premium, you can buy a redemption coupon to redeem GC some number of years later to get your original amount of money (fiat) back. You decide on how many years you want that to be.

Instead of a gift, now a nonprofit of your choice from the list of 4-star charities at is offered a zero-interest loan with a term of whatever length you chose for your redemption coupon. Redeeming your GC tokens simply represents collecting their repayment. Charities repay into a liquidity pool, so it does not matter if your particular loan is repaid on time or not.

Worst case, your money spends time in the best place you could think of, available to a nonprofit of your choice to fund their work - and then is returned to you.

When your coupon matures, you can either use it to exchange GC for fiat, or, if you prefer, keep your GC (or whatever you already spent your GC on).



What happens if
nonprofits receive
trillions of dollars
in gifts and zero-interest loans
from people adopting
the first true digital cash?