GlobalChange Cryptocurrency 

Store and transfer value. For good.

Get unique artistic crypto tokens by giving to nonprofit charities
Give as a loan and you can redeem your GC tokens
Give as a gift and increase your chance of getting awesome rare art

Tokens are fungible with face values. Get GC based on how much you give
(1 GC = Consumer Price Index/273 = 1 2021 USD)

Occasional GC tokens are Special Edition, minted to include artist-donated NFTs
Standard tokens in your SmartWallet will also sometimes "blossom" to acquire NFTs

So give $10USD to a nonprofit of your choice, in 2021, and get a $10GC token. Or maybe you get two fives. Or a five and five ones. Same difference. It's digital cash.
  • Each individual token permanently lists the particular charity it was "born to help."
  • Your SmartWallet collects and bundles your tokens for transactions.
  • Each denomination has personality! Instead of Lincoln, Washington, Hamilton, states, or Queen Elizabeth, you can get Pennzy, Billy, Centaur, and a whole family of characters.
  • Artists can upload art designated for particular nonprofits, for end-users to receive when they select that particular nonprofit to receive their fiat
  • Tokens can "Blossom," randomly acquiring unique art donated by celebrities, making even Standard Edition tokens valuable to collectors
  • When you "buy" tokens, choose to receive either a redemption coupon (in which case the nonprofit is offered your fiat as a loan) or choose a 10X chance of receiving rare NFT art on your tokens.
  • Click here for some more details on implementing GC as a SmartContract
Ask a friend to pay you in GC.
If they don't already have any, they can make an instant donation to a charity and you receive GC tokens 

What a great way to get paid.



What happens if
nonprofits receive
trillions of dollars
in gifts and zero-interest loans
from people adopting
the first true digital cash?


Where did GlobalChange come from?

My name is Marc. I'm a research psychologist. GlobalChange is consistent with - and builds on - concepts I've worked on and learned about for years. "Honest" costs and signals from evolutional biology, endowment effects from psychology, coordination points ...  

GlobalChange is not an organization, I am not accepting "investments," and I am not selling anything. I am putting forward an idea that, if implemented, could help the world by providing a more universally appealing cryptocurrency that functions through people depositing their money at nonprofit charities. I'm here to help make GlobalChange into a real thing, but I have a day job. I am just a person; I am not a billionaire; I do not have funders or an organization behind me. But I have this concept, which I can describe - including more details than the website includes. I'd love to discuss your ideas for making something like this go.