Mobile Phone Mock-ups

The App

GC SmartWallet App on the GC Network

  1. Lets you select charities to donate to, and receive newly generated tokens.

  2. Keeps track of your balance

  3. Bundles coins and bills in your wallet to pay (send) to other people

  4. (Breaks apart tokens to make change)

  5. Lets you separate coins and bills that you want to collect and protect from spending

  6. Accepts GC payments 

  7. Lets you pay GC to others by means of a new donation to charity (you do not see the newly generated tokens that the other person receives) 

  8. Summarizes all the charities your owned coins and bills have helped; keeps you up to date on their missions; depicts a global map of organizations your tokens were born to help

  9. Organizes distributed democracy for proposals and votes on how to use any network profit.

  10. Doesn't exist. Are you a programmer, crypto-enthusiast, entrepreneur, or philanthropist who wants to help make this happen? Email

Phone Screen