Image by Ian Schneider

Get GC tokens

Here's how

Email us to join our pilot program. It'll be easy, this is what you'll do as a pilot participant:

1. Go to and select "Donate" for any charity

2. Enter "$10" 


3. Check "Donate in honor or memory of a loved one"

4. Add "" as the "CC" email address. We get no financial information of yours from that message.

5. Select "Add to Giving Basket" and check out however you like, listing your own ("Donor") email address if it asks during checkout.

6. CharityNavigator should send a confirmation email cc-ing you and

7. We will send token pickup information for 10 GC to the Donor email address in the CharityNavigator's email's cc.

8. Be patient - this might take some time. This is an initial experimental pilot program for a new way to think about money.. There are no guarantees. Really, you should only participate if you would be happy enough to give that nonprofit money anyway, regardless of whatever happens or doesn't happen with GC tokens.

9. If you experience any issues, feel free to email us to ask if you can help.

10. Protip, the following charities may be associated with the occasional special-edition token made by a specific artist:

  • Thank a Farmer

  • Garces Family Foundation

  • Doctors without Borders