Concept and Strategy

GlobalChange Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency you get by giving money to charity
The (only) cryptocurrency the world needs.


GlobalChange is modeled on actual money. It is "digital cash."

  • GC tokens are artistic and unique objects just like NFTs, but fungible with a face value

  • This is how cash in your wallet works too: artistic, unique physical objects with a face value

  • You get GC tokens by swapping your actual money (fiat) for GC

  • Here's how the swap works. You give your money to a charity of your choice, and the GlobalChange network issues you tokens with a face value equaling what you have given

  • 1 GC costs 1 2021 USD, so in 2021 it's a 1:1 swap

  • GC can replace cash, Bitcoin, Venmo, PayPal, and low-interest savings accounts

You give some amount of your money to a charity or nonprofit of your choice ...


...and you get secure crypto-tokens in that amount, with an equivalent face value, for use as digital currency

If you care that your cryptocurrency is "intrinsically valuable," it can be...

When you get tokens, you can buy cryptocurrency crash insurance, if you want, which is an option to redeem or return your GC 5 years later and get your original money (fiat) back

  • In this case, your fiat becomes a 72-month zero-interest loan available to the nonprofit of your choice, instead of being given to that nonprofit outright.

  • If GC turns out to be unspendable, or loses all value, then at least your money still spends 5 years in the best place you can think of, in use by a nonprofit of your choice.

  • The option to return GC in 5 years costs 5%. The 5% goes into the pool described below.

  • Nonprofits repay these zero-interest loans into a central liquidity pool from which any valid redemptions can draw

Specific charities can offer special-edition coins and bills

  • These have the same characteristics and personalities for each face value denomination, but with an additional artist's touch

  • Special-edition tokens can be designed or signed by artists and celebrities, and issued to desired degrees of scarcity

  • when you donate to charities offering special edition tokens, you still get 1 GC for 1 2021 USD, but maybe you get one of these extra special ones among your newly issued GC tokens.

  • Here is a Wikipedia article about special-edition U.S. currency, legal tender which acts the same way.

  • Spend them at face value, collect them, auction them off, whatever works for you!