Here are links to the relevant files (also listed in the Whitepaper)

This current website is under an individual's control, as is the Google Docs Active Whitepaper, which is not an ideal basis for a distributed permissionless project.

Therefore, in case of doubt or in case it is otherwise helpful, you can look in the Stellar Lumens accounts of nonprofits that accept Stellar Lumens as of early 2022 for a unique description (SHA256 hash) of a definitive "first draft" of the Whitepaper, as well as links to that whitepaper. You can confirm you are looking at what is pointed to there by checking the SHA256 hash of the "Whitepaper" file you are reading. That version of the Whitepaper permanently has some sort of blockchain primacy.  

Anything you see outside that first draft, including this Website and a Google Docs Whitepaper, can be taken as a proposed development rather than as inherently primary or authoritative. Proposed developments might be good ideas, and might be generally adopted with or without formal community acceptances, as the case may be.


(The Whitepaper explains how to tell whether a proposal becomes an "official" rule within GlobalChange, per a democratic community voting on the blockchain.)


But in any case, and in other words - I who am writing this on the website am happy to participate by contributing development, proposals, and initiative - but this website should not be given undue influence. I am not "in charge."


Also to be perfectly clear, I am not taking anyone's money, I am not selling anything, I am not "issuing tokens." These are all independent activities that people can do if they want, sending money to nonprofits; accepting money as a nonprofit; self-minting bills; visualizing bills using publicly available denomination art; uploading Special Edition art and lottery prizes using publicly available templates; and, most, importantly, accepting GC digital objects from others if and only if they were generated following rules the acceptor accepts.

I do not automatically have privileged status as an ongoing source for rules. The Whitepaper exists; the background art exists; it can all be accessed and people can accept and mint bills if they want per the Whitepaper. All no matter what I say now. I can't go and remove the Whitepaper's hash from the Stellar Lumens blockchain. I can't go and remove the donations I've already made to nonprofits, to generate the bills shown on this Webpage. I can't go and remove the validity of the arguments in the Whitepaper, or remove the validity of currency that is formed per the rules in the Whitepaper. It stands (or doesn't) on its own. I can't take any of that back, even if I were to yell "never mind."


So - don't do anything just because I say so, or appear to say so, on this website or anywhere else. Identities can be faked, websites can be hacked.


Just do what is a good idea.